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Aswan is a major tourist city of some 350,000 inhabitants, with further 350,000 in surrounding villages. The population is largely Nubian; a non-Arab Muslim peoples who are renowned for their friendliness. Aswan is located on the East bank of the Nile circa 12 kms North of the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser. The Nile is navigable some 800 kms north from Aswan to its mouth at Alexandria – and is hence very popular with Nile cruise boats (about 350), especially to and from Luxor.

The building has several floors. The total brut floor space is about 23,000 sqm.

• Aswan lacks and needs a major central shopping centre.

Permission has been granted to build up to 26m high, above the ground, with two underground floors.
• Drawings already exist for the development and have been discussed with the province of Aswan. Application for the building licence has been submitted;
• The current development plan is several floors. 
o 4 floors of shopping mall, banks; 6 floors for hotel and apartments; total 14.400 sqm saleable space;
o All apartments and hotelrooms have Nile view;
o 1 floor parking space & technical rooms.

• A survey has established that the underground development can go to -10m below ground level without significant problems.

This development is an initiative from Egypt-Holland Investment Company S.A.E. an Egyption company. A participation of Tweede Weg Vastgoed B.V.


Adres en route

Aswan Plaza Egypt


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